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Katie + Dakota / Texas Wedding

Katie and Dakota. I’ve known Katie for over 15 years, so this one was like photographing a family member’s wedding, which has it’s ups and downs! I wanted to capture everything I possibly could in a new way, especially since I grew up working summers at the Pecan Plantation Country Club, so it was quite a task to re-invent. I focused on the Texas-isms, since I’ve been in D.C. the last 4 years, it felt like coming home and looking for what makes the place so unique. Nostalgia, warmth, textures, and cool temp color contrasts were what I was looking for. The day was a lot more than I anticipated, but in a good way. It kept me working for perfect moments to show the close knit group Katie and Dakota share with their Camp Eagle friends, and all the relatives that feed off their energy. Thanks to the Capps family for everything and inviting me to cover such a special day in Katie’s life. Congrats to you guys and here’s to your next adventures! Katie_Dakota_Wedding-three2 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-2 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double1 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-6 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double2 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-9 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double3 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double4 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-16 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-three1 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-20 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-24 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-three3 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-28 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double5 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-31 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-32 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-33 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double6 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-36 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-37 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double8 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-47 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-48 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-three6 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-57 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-three4 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-58 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-59 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double9 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double7 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-41 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double10 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-65 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-66 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-68 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double11 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double12 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-73 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-76 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-77 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double14 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-81 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-three5 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-90 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-93 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double15 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-94 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-three7 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double13 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-98 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-99 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-100 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-101 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-102 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-103 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double17 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-106 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-double18 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-112 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-113 Katie_Dakota_Wedding-114

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