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Sara + Alberto / D.C. Wedding

I always love the weddings and receptions that are about time spent with one another in a great space. This was one of them. We started the day at the Sixth and I Synagogue (photographing my first Jewish wedding!) It was great service filled with rock, paper, scissors and print outs of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, too great. We moved locations back to Iron Gate restaurant, which is such a great location, and a spot I have photographed before in the same context. It was a challenge to see things differently and fresh, find different details, focus on the changing light of the afternoon, and really try to capture genuine moments happening in conversations around the patio. It was a late night that ran into cocktails out on the secret veranda and a great wrap to the day overall. Thanks again Sara and Alberto for letting me be a part of this one and many congrats to you both!

Sara_Alberto_Wedding-1 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double1 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-4 Erin_Bryan_Wedding_double2 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-7 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-8 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-9 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-10 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double3 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-13 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double4 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-16 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double5 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-21 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double15 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-22 sara_alberto_wedding_three1 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-26 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-27 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-30 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double6 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-31 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-32 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-33 sara_alberto_wedding_three2 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-37

Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double7 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double9 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-40 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-41 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-43 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-45 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-46 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-52 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double8 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double10 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-56 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-57 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double11 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-62 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double12 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-68 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-69 sara_alberto_wedding_three3 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-76 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double16 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-80 Sara_Alberto_Wedding_double14 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-86 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-89 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-90 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-92 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-93 sara_alberto_wedding_three4 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-94 sara_alberto_wedding_three5 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-98 Sara_Alberto_Wedding-99

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